Gear List!

This is about 95% of the items for the Unicycle Tour.
In rows from left to right, bottom to top:
Blackburn Atom SL Cyclometer, Garmin GPS, electronics (cables, SD cards, spare batteries), GoPro Hero HD 3 extension pole and tripod, phone, wallet, Goal Zero Solar panels (3.5m & 7m) with AA/AAA battery pack, Kindle (for directions, books, and backup wireless device), Helmet (with front/rear lights), sunglasses.
Dry bag (for rainy season, or swimming), camp rag, toiletries (grey), bike gloves
Small muscle foam roller, shower-less wipes, sting/bite kit, emergency mylar blankets, sunscreen, Belgium Budder chamois cream, waterproof coat with liner.
Pump, tools (tire lever, pedal wrench, crank puller, Allen wrench set, tire levers, patch kits, gas, screw-on stove (in tiny orange case), Mess kit (pot, pan, bowl, cup, soap, plastic utensils)
Mountain Hardwear 20 Degree sleeping bag (grey), sleeping bag liner (black), Trail lite sleeping pad (green), MH Lightpath 2 Tent, Camelbak Fourteener 3 Liter hydration pack.
5.10 Karver Riding shoes, light day shoes, sandals, clothes (two changes of everything, light/medium pullovers, 3 pairs Pearl Izumi bike shorts, headbands.
Small/medium drawings pads, colored pencils, sewing kit, dread tool.
Passport, documents for borders, witness sheets for Guinness.

Items updated October 22, 2013.
New items: Spot GPS, new pump with hose, tarp for tent ground cover, etc.

All gear included is here for a good reason, I enjoy and suggest these same products. Feel free to ask questions.
Thanks to 5.10 for the Karvers!
Also – Goal Zero, Mountain Heardwear, Camelbak, Pearl Izumi


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