End of the Beginning. 3rd Day.

I’d like to think I’ve been balancing my T&T with lots of R&R.

That’s “Trials and Tribulations,” just so you know. But not much rest has followed. In the first 3 days I’ve run out of water and gotten lost several times, as well as had a tire puncture (2nd day). This is why patience is a virtue, as my mom always said. And this trip will be my greatest teacher in learning to become a more patient person, as I’ll probably always say.

I don’t have pictures of the muddy potholes, but these suckers are bigtime. After hours of swerving to avoid them, and ride the tiny strips of slightly less muddy alternatives, I decided to ride through them. This proved to be much more fun, and relieve me of the very tension they seemed to cause. But then, one relatively small one threw me for a loop. This little pothole seemed to think it was a porthole into another dimension. So when I say “throw me for a loop,” I meant “throw me to the ground, as it surely did.
I would mention the muggy, humid weather – in which sweating never seems to catch up, and damp clothes stay damp – but hopefully you’ve all been outside recently.

Sore ass,
Huge appetite.
Be glad you’re reading this from air conditioning (probably).


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