Buffalo Power

Last Thursday I left Pittsburgh. In four days, I cycled over 330 miles (530 km) through Erie, PA, Buffalo, NY, and Niagara Falls. I arrived in Toronto Sunday night after a 111-mile day from Buffalo.
I tapped into my fat sources for Buffalo Power!

Canadian Stereotypes Broken:
The “mountie” border control guy gave me trouble for no reason today, and one of the first things shouted at me from a car was:
“Nice spandex, faggot!”

Let’s deconstruct that one. My response was a thumbs-up and a “really great stuff, man,” but here are some other responses I could have used –

“Fuck you, man!” (What I wanted to say)

“Hey now, just because you think I’m cute in these…”


“It’s actually a blend!”

Week #2 Video “Buffalo Power”



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