On Leaving Canada

On Leaving Canada

I had 44 miles (71 km) til the border at Sombra. The temperature and road grades were ideal for riding. The wind was not. Gusts of 20 mph (32 kph) tore through out of the South. Maybe SSW.

A Northerly wind? How common is that?

And as much as I didn’t mind the light drizzling rain, it forced me to keep my rain gear on, the fabric of which turns my uni into a giant sail. This made riding in the strong cross-wind very nearly impossible. I walked a quarter of the time – and it took me six and a half hours to go a mere 44 miles.

Earlier in the day, I walked out the door full of breakfast and patience, high off of human generosity. Having asked an older couple to camp on their lawn the night before, I found myself leaving their house after being fed breakfast and given a donation and snacks. My long lost second set of grandparents!
Thank you very much, Gwen and Bill! I know they say Canadians are nice, but you guys take the cake!

Across the border, I found the sheets of fabric people hang from poles in their lawns changed color. Stars replaced a leaf, from 11 points to 250. The number of degrees more than doubled on the electronic bulletin signs in front of banks and schools.

Now riding south, I faced a headwind – only slightly better than a cross-wind.

Soggy, unused newspapers wash up along the sidewalks of M-29 South, like dead fish on a beach. Dark clouds threatening rain, then sun shining through lighter, emptied clouds. Another 100-mile day.

Thanks for the beer, Len, as well as Pat!

From Detroit.


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