I arrived in Chicago last night after 108 miles from South Bend, Indiana – just across the border from Michigan. About 600 miles in 8 days (with one day of rest) since leaving Toronto.

If you’re in Chicago or you have plans to go – stop by Dick’s Last Resort, where you get an ole fashioned ribbing (you can dish it back, too!). Speaking of which – get the ribs!

On a totally unrelated note: roadkill. Since leaving Canada – though I’m not saying Canada has less wildlife, or that the drivers are safer – I’ve seen a hell-of-a-lot of roadkill. Here’s the list, which includes, but is not limited to:

Birds, large and small
Beavers (or woodchucks?)
Small dogs
Mice (and/or small rats)

Even butterflies do not escape the wrath of the tire.

The crunch of the half-decomposed body of the given animal under my wheel. Sometimes followed by the squish of horse feces. Lucky for me I haven’t rolled over any dead horses. In the hierarchy of roadkill, that would top the list.


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