Video Update: the American Southwest


For a while in the midwest, I stopped filming. It became repetitive and I was doing huge days anyway, so it was one less thing to worry about. This video has footage from Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas – but focuses on New Mexico and Arizona. My friend Colin flew into Albuquerque and we rode over 500 miles together to Phoenix. Thanks for the filming and other help, buddy!

Anyone looking to donate can scroll down on the home page and click the yellow donate button. Help me buy a Spot emergency GPS tracker!

UniTour Video: the American Southwest


4 thoughts on “Video Update: the American Southwest

  1. I’m glad you had someone with you for a while ….
    I didn’t get to see the video. I don’t have a password for youtube
    or I forgot it.. Stay safe

  2. Awesome video. I was near the Texas panhandle at a rest stop when a traveler said he thought he saw me near Sedona Arizona riding my unicycle with a bicyclist. I told him it was probably you. What are the odds of seeing two cross country uincyclist in such a short span?

    1. Thats awesome! Which rest stop? I was probably near there about a month ago.. A couple people have asked me, “where’s your wife?” Ive been confused for the unicycling couple doing church work, all going cross-country.

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