The Baja Peninsula

Ooohh yah, that thing.  Yep, that's the Baja.
Ooohh yah, that thing. Yep, that’s the Baja.

The Baja California Peninsula is one of the world’s largest peninsulas. It basically stretches from across the border from San Diego, in Tijuana, Mexico to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Though it was originally not part of my plans – I’m glad I’m able to say that

I rode the Baja.

And in just over 2 weeks! While I only rode to just past La Paz, not the full length to Cabo – I only shaved off less than 50 miles (80 km) or so. The peninsula stretches almost 800 miles from top to bottom, but the road zig-zags (as well as ascending and descending endlessly) for a total of over 1000 miles (1600 km). I rode 970 miles (1550 km), riding 15 days, and resting 2.

This is the beginning of the middle leg of my journey! Almost in Central America! For those of you who haven’t seen it yet – I have a fundraiser going for replacing my gear. I’m wearing out my parts! At least check out the super cool video I made for it.

Unicycle Guy Needs Batman Gear


I met some cool Canadians (aren’t most Canadians cool?) in the first week, and rode with them on and off for several hundred kilometers. Two sisters and a friend, with their parents to support them down the Baja (They had ridden from the Portland area, down the US Pacific coast, unsupported). Needless to say, it was workout for me, with my 80-pound rig, keeping up with their unloaded bikes! But we had fun racing, and battling dehydration and 18-wheelers. I should mention – the Transpeninsular Highway had no shoulder, constant truck traffic (though they usually gave way and waved smilingly), and lots of half-assed construction zones from hell.

In less than 1000 miles, there was an elevation change of 1000s of feet. Except for maybe 3 days of mostly flat riding, it was perpetually hilly. I did quite a bit of walking-and-pushing.

Halfway through, I got food poisoning from Guacamole. Lesson learned: don’t eat uncooked foods. (This was the reason for the first rest day). I spent a whole night vomiting into a bucket in the house of some strangers I had just met. Something tells me they would not have taken me in if I had shown up at the door ALREADY vomiting.

This next week, I’ll be taking a ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan, on Mainland Mexico. From there, it will be several more weeks in Mexico, before continuing on to Central America.

Wish me luck!


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