A Look at 2015, Books, Talks, and Positivity

Welcome to 2016! 

A year of positivity and prosperity!

The map of my route. The green line is the upcoming leg.

Red is the completed journey, with the light red being the second leg.  Green is the rough version of the upcoming leg.  Blues are ferries, and the little gold line in Panama is 160 miles by wooden kayak.

(If anyone has wondered about it–I have shifted this blog into long-term mode.  Most of the action happens on my  Facebook page.  I will continue to post here a few times per year for the sake of having a long-form blog about my endeavors, though.)

Stationary, but Living All Over

2015 was a wild journey of a sort different than my previous ones.  Not any real distances unicycled or traveled.  And yet I was all over the place.  Except for a brief trip to the climbing town of Squamish, BC in Canada, I stayed put in the US of A, for an entire year, which is in itself a feat!  I started the year in Seattle, WA and ended it on an island just to the north called Whidbey island.  I had four jobs, lived in 8 places (including a former girlfriend’s car, and in a hammock in a park briefly) and learned a lot in the process.


I applied for and made it to the first stage in American Ninja Warrior, which was filmed on Venice Beach, CA in the summer.  Watch my sweet submission video.

I learned a lot about how to work with others, and towards the end of 2015, began a personal transformation, and as part of my 2016 New Year’s Resolutions (and beyond this year, so more aptly “New Life’s Resolutions”) I am Positive, Patient, and Cooperative.  The more I travel the more Grateful I am.  These are the qualities I now own every day!  Check out this video — a 14-minute artful glimpse into my year called “Break in the Trail.”  Watch to see how the unicycle trip and 2015 affected my life positively.

Giving Talks

Towards the end of 2014 and in 2015, I began giving talks at elementary schools.  Calling it the “Get Out There” program, I use these talks to spread a message of positivity, health, and sustainability.  I remind the kids to get out, get active, and eat healthy.  Then, of course, I give them a demonstration on the unicycle, which is their favorite part!  I gave talks in Idaho, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska, and will continue to give talks as I make my way down the west coast and back across the country for the third time.



A huge part of being stationary in 2015 meant getting a lot of time to read and write.   A couple of the books I read last year that I would suggest:

The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Makes us Human

Jane Goodall’s Reason For Hope

Bertrand Russell’s ABC of Relativity

David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest

(Halfway through re-reading it–save yourself the weight and footnote goose chase and get the kindle version)

Richard Branson’s The Virgin Way

And my favorite:

Adrift: 76 Days Lost at Sea


And the books I’m writing?

I’ve been hacking away at the Naked Unicyclist, which chronicles the mischief of my early childhood and how that more or less set me up to make the decision to unicycle to South America.  And of course, the journey itself, in all its gore and glory.

An illustrated book of poetry, tentatively called Holding Heads.  Here are a couple of the pages:



The second image, of the man, I drew with my foot.  It was the first time in my life I tried it, and it opened up a whole new world for me.  The next book, and likely the first to be published, is a children’s book drawn entirely by foot.  That’s right.  Here is an example of what’s possible–below is a piece both drawn and painted by foot:


I am in the process of illustrating an entire children’s book by foot.  Or feet, rather, since I’m ambi..pedic?  Yes, both feet.
The book will be called Luno and will follow the adventures of a one-wheeling boy named Luno, who makes his way to South America and the crazy encounters along the way.  More information will come!

Cheers! Be well!


2 thoughts on “A Look at 2015, Books, Talks, and Positivity

  1. Cary. You are defiantly one of a kind.. I love your videos.
    I don’t do internet. But I try for a good reason. I don’t read books
    but I can’t wait to read your book.
    I will follow you. I want you to talk to GOD from time to time. I thank Him
    for keeping you safe. Love G-ma

    1. Yes! I thank the Universe and the Moment and People, and my nightly mantra is “Thank You for the World!” I’m glad you liked my post, I wrote it to update folks like you.
      Wish I could have seen you the other week. Love you Grandma Joyce!

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