Luno! Is Fully funded! Thank you! 111% of target with 4 days left!

Let me take this opportunity to carve out a space in which I can say thank you.

My heart goes out to all my supporters, friends, family, and otherwise!  I send you gratitude and love (in electomagnetic and bioenergetic form!)

It’s been a humbling and fun-filled 3 weeks.  While watching my fundraiser’s rapid progress, I have been illustrating, uploading, and retouching my pages!  I’ve also begun a barefoot running portion of my trip, making it 65 miles from South San Francisco to Santa Cruz in 4 days.  I hope to do 1000 miles of barefoot running in the next couple months.  Last week I took a roadtrip with a new friend, who I’ve been very excited to get to know, to Yosemite to rock-climb and get art inspiration.

I’m also exicted to be helping out with Tim Richards, chief “nut alchemist” at his  company, “The Philosopher’s Stoneground Nut Butters.”  He makes delicious, organic Almond Butter, Coconut Butter, and “Cocotella,” a coco-cocoa blend. Check out his products here.

Check out the kickstarter, only 4 days left to get your copy!!

>>Luno! A Foot-Drawn Children’s Book<<



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