Cary Gray

Current Address: The Road

Mailing Address: (Or send a letter to my mother!) 7614 Delmar Blvd, University City, MO 63130, USA, Earth, Milky Way

(+1) 314-479-4852

Instagram: UnicyclingtheWorld

East Entrance of Yellowstone Park, WY

11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey Carry I met you near the Continental Divide .I was biking from Wisconsin to DC. If you end up taking the ferry across the lake Michigan and then ride from Milwaukee to Chicago, you will go past my house in Kenosha. send me a email…. wow 111 miles on a uni..that might be a record…very impressive….

    1. When I said I was taking a ferry, I meant into Detroit, not near Chicago. From Detroit, I am heading west through Gary and into Chicago. Unfortunately I won’t be heading through your area. Actually the record for distance in 24 hours (on flat ground without 60 lbs of gear) is 281 miles, and the most without stopping/dismounting is 107 (I have that record, unofficially). But my best day was 124 miles – Dayton to Indy in December.

  2. Ok, now I misunderstood your route.
    Gary & Chicago South-side should be interesting.
    You went 107 miles without stopping/dismounting.
    I can’t imagine doing that. My record is 3 miles.
    How is the $12 a day going?
    I imagine that will be plenty of $ once you cross the border.
    I am enjoying reading your blog.
    Keep it up

  3. Hi Cary! Mom (your grandma Joyce) shared all of this wonderful news about you. She is so proud of you. We watched a few of your videos and poked around on your site. I think she will try to follow and comment when she figures out how. It was a coincidence that you and I both have a WordPress site. Most of my followers are auto/muscle car related, but I am going to pass your site on to them. In addition, I will look into your efforts and see if I can’t think of some service project the kids can do this year to raise some money. I have 20 third graders. My well wishes are sent your way. I guess I’m your step aunt? Non the less I am extremely proud and very impressed. Regards, Debbie

  4. HI there…
    I discovered the story of your remarkable journey in a small newspaper in Manchester, MI and thought I would introduce you to a few fourth graders in Ann Arbor Public Schools this school year. I am an art teacher and know your story will inspire my art students. As you stated in the article, you are an artist and believe strongly in arts education… ARTS programs in the US and abroad have been reduced or removed.” Unfortunately this is true, due to the short sightedness of many people in our communities. Thanks and bike on!!!!

  5. Hey carry. We’ve talked before on Facebook, but you’ve just been so busy with ninja warrior and more I’m sure. I was looking into getting some panniers made for my 36″. Let me know the cost and more details so we can further figure this out. Thanks!

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