Get Your Copy of Luno!

I created The Sustainable Adventures of Luno! in the spring of 2016.  It was successfully funded on Kickstarter at just under $7,000 by 101 lovely donors.

–Earned Kickstarter’s Projects We Love Award.

–Featured in the Good Times weekly of Santa Cruz, December 14, 2016 issue.

In keeping with the spirit of crowdfunding that enabled this project to come to life, I am making Luno! available by donation only.
Luno! is printed on demand in San Jose, CA with sustainable paper/inks.


Minimum Donation for 1 book ($21) + priority shipping ($6) = $27
Minimum Donation for teachers and caretakers/workers/volunteers in education is = $17 (that just covers costs)

Priority envelopes will fit 2 books, so:

1 book + shipping = $27
2 books + shipping =$47
Priority boxes will fit up to about 11, I believe:

Each book = $21     —   Priority box =  $14

Bulk orders over 10 books are discounted, for a bulk request email me.


To order, click the donate button below.  Include the number of books in the description.  If you work/volunteer in education, include your work or school name.

Donate Button

***Luno is currently on back-order, please be patient.  Depending on number of orders, books will be shipped between January 5 and February 5.  Supporters will be updated by email.
Thank You!!

The Making of Luno!

Here are some videos of the production of my children’s book, Luno!  This shows the process of drawing and watercoloring with my feet.