March 14, 2016 — Sonoma Coast Cyclists

November 20, 2014—Bikepackers Magazine


November 10, 2015—Seattle King-5 News


October 28, 2015—South Whidbey Record, Whidbey Island, WA


January 11, 2016—  121 Bikepacking Experts


October 21, 2014

Daily B, Sandpoint, Idaho—Unicyclist Wheels His Way to World Record


June 4, 2013

City Paper, Baltimore, MD—“Unicycle Guy” Cary Gray heads off on record-setting trip”


July 6, 2013—Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, MD


July 5, 2013

Baltimore Food Examiner, Baltimore, MD

“Dick’s Last Resort sends unicycling employee off around the world”


March 20, 2014—River Front Times, St.Louis, MO

St. Louis Artist Takes World-Record Unicycle Ride Across Central America, U.S., Canada


August 28, 2013—Houston Herald

“Missouri native sets sights on unicyling world mark”


September 11, 2013—Daily Times, Kerrville, TX (subscription required)


December 3, 2013—Jaltemba Jalapeño, La Peñita, México


February 17, 2014—Luces del Siglo, Cancún, Mexico (in Spanish)


December 1, 2014—CFTK News, Terrace, British Columbia


October 30, 2014

Yahoo! CBC News Canada—Travelling unicyclist Cary Gray reaches B.C. on record breaking American journey

October 30 2014

CBC Radio, Daybreak, Kamloops, BC—“Unicycler passes Kamloops on epic journey”


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