My Books

The Sustainable Adventures of LUNO!

A children’s book about a boy named Luno, who rides on one wheel to South America.  It overcomes adversity, nay-sayers, and wild animals.  Illustrated entirely by my foot (feet, actually.)  Self-published, to get a copy, send an email (on contact page.)  Also available as an ebook here.



The Naked Unicyclist:

North and Central America on One Wheel.

A mostly non-fiction account of the world record-breaking unicycle trip through the Americas, complete with future-fictional anecdotes.  It chronicles my off-the-wall boyhood and about how that led to my decision to unicycle to South America.  Readers will find themselves in an amalgamation of anecdotes, reminiscences, and paradigm challenges.  The Naked Unicyclist: An 18,000-Mile World Record Distance Unicycle Journey and the Man Behind It
My ebook is now available, click the link above to check it out!!

Holding Heads:

A Non-Sequitur or Otherwise Misconstrued Collection of Illustrated Poetry and Short Stories

A collection of my illustrations, poetry, and short stories.  The work covers issues such as youth, mortality, and interpersonal lack of communication.  Available very soon as an Amazon ebook.





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