My Talks/School Visits

The Get Out There Program

Let me inspire your audience!

I started this program towards the end of 2014 and it started with talks at elementary schools.  Since then I have given talks up to the University level, and recently expanded to engage with cycling shops and bookstores as well.  My message empowers people to live healthy, adventurous, and sustainable lives.  At the end, I give a demonstration on the unicycle, which stands almost 5 feet tall and weighs up to 90 lbs with all my gear!  (That’s the kids’ favorite part.)



The talks usually last 30-60 minutes as a gym assembly, with a demonstration towards the end of riding the unicycle around the gym or, if more space is necessary, around the parking lot.  The other version of these is a classroom visit, which would consist of storytelling and a book reading of Luno!, which I illustrated entirely with my feet.  Check it out here.
You’re also welcome to book me for a whole day!

The talks always include a Q&A segment toward the end, where the audience has a chance to ask questions about the trip and whatnot.  At the elementary level, we will also plan for additional classroom visits, where I am able to talk to a other groups of kids.

These can be adapted to whichever venue has the interest in my talk.  I personalize each talk depending on my audience.


These classroom visits are where I will present part or all of my children’s book, LUNO, about a boy who rides on one wheel to South America, the crazy encounters that take place along the way.  Whenever possible, we use a projector to show a video of how I illustrated the entire book with my feet! (See: Making of Luno!) I empower kids, both able and disabled with the idea that anything is possible, whether it be unicycling 20,000 miles to another continent and back, or drawing and painting with all four limbs!


If you are part of a school, university, cycling club/shop in a town through which I’ll be riding, email me.  Although I have specific charges for various venues, I’m also open to using a pay-what-you-can system, and I ask that if a school has the budget, or wishes to get a pool of donations together from the community, that they feel free to use that system!


Me and my funny face at the Washington University “WashU Moves” Walkathon event in St. Louis, MO