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My Get Out There Program
I have visited elementary schools in Montana, Idaho, Washington, Alaska, and British Columbia and given talks to the youngsters about my trip. I empower them to get out, get active, and eat green vegetables! And unplug!  I also remind them that Anything is Possible with Practice, of which I am living proof.


A Thank-You from one of the charities to which I donated for my December 2012 ride.
A Thank-You from one of the charities to which I donated for my December ride.

Your support will bolster my efforts on the road as well as my visits to schools for the Get Out There program.   Many rural and interurban schools have little or no budget for assemblies.  Your support allows me to visit these schools and empower these youngsters!

My mission:  Empower others to live healthy, sustainable, and adventurous lives.

So where do health, sustainability, and adventure intersect?  Trails!  My current focus will be raising money for the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy.  In their words:

“Trails add value to our lives in so many ways—increasing our mobility, improving our health, spurring economic development and job creation, protecting our environment and creating powerful connections within, to and across communities.”

Having ridden on hundreds and hundreds of miles on the very same trail systems that this organization helped to create, I understand their importance and have seen their positive effect.


I’m Positive, and I affect positive change wherever I travel.  This is a time when I can. When I decided to do this huge cross-country trip, I figured I’d get a lot of attention on a unicycle. I might as well convert that attention into positive energy. I am motivating others towards generosity and positivity. Half of proceeds support my choice of charities, the other half keeps me unicycling and planning further events for charity.

I’m an Artist, and I strongly believe that arts education is important to kids. For one, it has been proven to help them in other areas (like science and math). Unfortunately those other areas, considered more legitimate, have come to the fore as more important subjects. Along the way, arts programs in the US and abroad have been reduced or removed. That’s why one of my charities is the International Child Art Foundation.

I’m a nature-lover. By that, I don’t mean that I only like going to parks and looking up at the sun’s light filtering through the leaves of the trees (though I do enjoy this). I mean that I, like an intelligent and respectable human being, recognize the absolute necessity of nature, and it’s well-being. It demands our respect and stewardship, if for no other reason than for the return on our own well-being as humans. Everyone loves parks and grass and visiting beautiful places on time off, let’s connect that admiration to a concrete and proactive respect for our surroundings. That’s why one of my charities is Greenpeace.

I believe in healthy living. While leading a healthy lifestyle in a healthy environment usually wards off many cancers, healthy people do get cancer.  And as much as I’d like to support a cancer charity that “seeks the cure,” it seems the funding simply goes to more and more research facilities and not always to improving the quality of patients’ lives. I would rather focus on the positive side of things, like being able to enjoy life during treatment.  The least we can do is help them pay the medical bills and support their creative pursuits. That’s why one of my charities is Sy’s Fund.

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One thought on “Spread the Love!

  1. Thank you Cary for raising money for young adults with cancer through Sy’s Fund as you unicycle around the planet. You truly make the world a better place, and along with being one kick ass unicyclist, you are also a Sy’s Fund rock star!

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